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Tool and Nothing In This Book Is True

Shortly after its’ release in August 1994, the first edition of Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are, was discovered by an American progressive metal band named Tool, and was placed on the band’s recommended reading list. (The book has since been newly released, in October, 2009, as the 15th anniversary edition of Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are. It is an updated, revised and greatly expanded version of the first edition).

Many Tool fans have, as a result, not only purchased my books, but have also attended my two workshops; The Flower of Life, and The Breath of Life.

In August 2003, I was invited as a featured speaker, to a Tool fans gathering in Las Vegas. We spent three days listening to live music, sharing ideas, and realizing that we had much in common.

Tool Reading List

The following excerpt is from The Tool Page:

When Tool used to send out an occasional newsletter via snail mail in the 1990s, they would sometimes suggest books for fans to read; perhaps to get better acquainted with the mindset of the band.

These recommended reading lists they once mailed out have been collated into this one master list, which has been posted to The Tool Page since July 1997.

All book titles, author info, and comments were copied directly from the original newsletters and have not been modified; all comments are from the band's own newsletter, not from me. No new books have been on their list since roughly 2001.

As I understand it, many fans have ventured down this path seeking some sort of further understanding. Good luck.

Here is how my book appeared on the reading list:

Nothing In This Book Is True ...

by Bob Frissell
Sacred geometry and the evolution of human consciousness. I think this is a very important book in helping us understand our connection with the universe through mathematics
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Sacred Geometry, Flower of Life, and the Tool Album Aenima

In October 1996. The band released its’ second studio album, Ænima. One of the songs, "Forty Six & 2" was seemingly inspired by information contained in my book. Many Tool fans have checked in on this possibility. The following interrepertation comes from

Before I try to explain what I think the song (forty-six & 2 by TOOL) means, it is necessary for you to know several metaphysical concepts. I got almost all of this information on this page from a book the band recommended on their 1994 newsletter called Nothing in This Book is True, but It's Exactly How Things Are by Bob Frissell.

The fine piece of literature explains that human beings are entering the next dimension or "Christ Consciousness" in which they will have 46 and 2 chromosomes. (Currently, we have 44 and 2.) This is the third level of five of consciousness according to Frissell. The fourth and fifth being 48 and 2 and 50 and 2. The book also explains in vivid detail sacred geometry and the future of earth. It is intriguing and a little unbelievable, but there is a lot to be gained if one reads it with an open mind.

The most important concept Frissell explains (He learned it from one Drunvalo Melchizadek.) is sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is the path in which the creator moved in the void during Genesis. It forms the basis of everything in the universe, including mathematics. The Flower of Life, as seen in the picture to the right, includes in it all the necessary information for the creation of life. Frissell explains hows this figure is derived.

If any of you are like me, you have a problem with this idea because you don't necessarily believe in God. Inour terms, the Flower of Life would be the figure that included all ratios necessary for the formation of the universe. Figures that can be derived from the flower are the Phi ratio and the Golden Rectangle. Anyone with a small backround in mathematics knows these ratios are crucial in all living and many nonliving things. If you do not know what these are, look them up. (The movie Pi will also give you a rudimentry backround.)

An interesting fact is that the Flower of Life can be seen in the background of the Tool poster in which a man is emerging from a swamp. I am unaware as to whether anyone has scientifically proven the validity of the Flower of Life, but certainly a geometrical figure that included such ratios seems a logical explanation for many patterns in the universe.

Many would argue, however, that it is simply a theoretical construct designed by humans to simplify the universe. If this flower does exist, it is etched into all creation. Every living entity is aware of it to a certain extent, but not necessarily fully conscious of it.

Frissell explains that the most basic shape to come from the Flower of Life is the Tube Torus, the shape in which all living things emerge from including snakes, birds, rats, and human beings. One end of the tube evolves into the anal area and the other forms the mouth. It seems that since all life might share the same basic information, it might have the capacity to form a unity consciousness which would be 46 and 2. This idea has been explored by Carl Jung for those of you familiar which his work.

Currently, human beings are in the second level of consciousness, 44 and 2, but shortly they are expected to evolve in the next level. Supposedly, ascended masters have prepared the path for humans to change. 1998, was in fact, supposed to be when the change occurred. However, it looks like it might be postponed several years due to the abominable state of the world. For one to enter the 46 and 2 state, it seems it would take a mental and spiritual change. (Opening your third eye if you will.) It would require one to have a deep understanding of the world, themselves, and their consciousness. Most people are unaware that some people have vowed to change themselves and move up a level.

I will not simply rehash information that I read, but tell you what I gained from it. I am not one to accept what someone wrote in a dogmatic fashion. I was very skeptical after reading Frissell and other associated reading. Obviously, what Frissell was saying cannot be literally true so I looked for a theme of teaching that could be attained. The book is very spiritual and emphasizes that people will be united at a spiritual level. The truth to this statement will be tested in the near future if all goes as Frissell said. The most important message to be derived from the work is the call for uniformity. The human race is slowly mixing out the resources of this planet and slowly usurping all space available.

The solution to this very real problem will not be solved unless people learn how to work together. The realization that all people are greater than their racial, socioeconomic, gender, etc. associations is crucial in my opinion. These are all the most petty issues around. The real issues deal with solving the real problems and living a real life. The above concerns are, of course, important but they can be overcome by any reasonably intelligent human being. I have accepted that all people are my equals, I cannot change them, and I do not care to change them. I want to work with them to make a better future. Though this whole point seems incredibly obvious, you just have to glance at the front page of a newspaper to learn most people are not overcoming these minor hurdles.

After reading into such things I can only concluded that the song 46 and 2 is about Maynard's attempt to evolve into a higher spiritual being and enter the next level of consciousness. It is about looking in the shadows and discovering who he really is. An interesting line is "listen to my muscle memories". This might refer to the fact that within all cells lies to key to life, the mathematical construct that allows life to unfold in an orderly and consistent manner. I will not get through every line of the song, as I think you can make complete sense of them once aware of what 46 and 2 refers to.

From comes the following:

I read this from "nothing in this book is true, but it's exactly how things are" by bob frissell. This is almost word for word:

There are 5 levels of consciousness. They are related to the # of chromosomes we have and they prescribe a range of height.

1) the first level has 42+2 chromosomes. Its harmonic with unity consciousness. collective consciousness operates such that if one person experiences something, its possible for everyone else to access this memory and relive it. The range of height is associated with this level of consciousness is 3 and 1/2 - 5 feet.

2) the second level is where we are now (44+2). we no longer have this unity consciousness; we are cut off and separated. The range of height is from 5 - 7 feet.

3) the 3rd level is christ-consciousness (46+2). range of height is from 10-16 feet. This brings us back to unity memory again but the 3rd level is no longer dreamtime but realtime so when you remember something its real. Its not just your memory but the memory of all christ-conscious beings who ever lived. There is only really one consciousness that moves through everything so its key is memory. This is what immortality is all about. If you are immortal you won't stay in a body for long because there is always a higher place to move. The key is to not have a break in consciousness (memory loss) as you move through the diff levels being able to leave when you want and continuing to know where you've been.

4) the fourth level has 48+2 and a height range of 25-35 feet. Its disharmonic like the second level but you have to go through it to get to the highest level.

5) 5th level has 50+2 and a height range from 50-60 feet.

If we all stay in the 2nd level for too long we could destory ourselves off the planet. anyways I don't think I really have to explain this much anymore. I'm pretty sure you can put two and two together from this.... ohhh!! and read that book its great and its so obvious Tool read it
. (Tool - Forty Six & 2 Song Meanings) (

Merkaba and the Tool Album Lateralus

Finally the song Parabola, from the album Lateralus, released in 2001:

I think the song deals with similar subject matter as Bob Frissell's books. It's suggested reading on Danny Carey's website, and I assume the rest of the band would at least know of it, if not have read it themselves. To me, the song talks about our souls, immortal and eternal, and how we choose to live a life on the physical plane in a mortal body to have the experience. I think the title of the song comes from the play on the word "parable" and the imagery of a parabola, how the descending and ascending archs are the soul leaving and reentering a higher plane of conscious and the bottom of the curve is our infinitely short, literally one point on a graph, time having this physical experience. With the "parable" wordplay, the parable (a short story used to teach a lesson or a moral) here is that our time here in this physical plane is to teach us something, and that our immortal essence is enriched when we leave our physical bodies and ascend again.
- Jason, Kansas City, MO



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