Oxygen and Lifespan

by Dr. Majid Ali, MD


Oxygen and Metabolism

Most doctors think of oxygen only when someone is near death in an intensive care unit. This is most unfortunate, because oxygen is what breathes life into all human cells at all times, in healthful aging and in disease states.

Oxygen ushers life in. Oxygen terminates life. Oxygen is the most important healing substance, the most effective detox agent, the premium blood cleanser, the most potent antibiotic, a versatile hormone, a blood clotter and declotter, and the conductor of the orchestra of the immune system. Without oxygen, the lungs cannot breathe, the heart cannot beat, the brain cannot think, the bowel cannot digest or absorb food, and the muscles cannot move. That is all very basic and essential.

A cancer cell hates oxygen; an immune cell loves it. That, in simple words, is the foundation of all oxygenative therapies. Indeed, I do not believe anyone can effectively manage any of the systemic metabolic issues involved in cancer treatment without an unrelenting focus on issues of oxidosis and dysoxygenosis.

Like cancer cells, primordial life forms (PLFs) also hate oxygen. PLFs is my term for a very large group of microbial families that include yeast-like microbes, nanobacteria, mycoplasma, the so-called stealth microbes, and bowel anaerobes. That is the primary reason why my colleagues and I prescribe oxygenative therapies for patients with acute and chronic infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivity syndrome, multiple sclerosis, asthma, and many other immune and degenerative disorders. Most doctors will raise their eyebrows when they read this sentence, but that is because they have seldom, if ever, explored the enormous potential of oxygenative therapies. At present, not many physicians seem interested in oxygen metabolism in health and disease. I can confidently predict that will change in the future as the basic facts of dysfunctional oxygen metabolism get widely recognized.

Oxygen, Aging, and Genetics

I do agree that genes set the limits on the life span for an individual. But I strongly disagree with those who think gene therapies will soon let everyone live to the ripe old age of 115 years or more. I will make a clear prediction here: Gene therapies for extending human life span, whenever such therapies become available, will contribute to longevity and healthful aging only if oxygen metabolism can be maintained within the healthy range. As long as we continue to violate the oxygen metabolism of our children and young, no gene therapies will be able to correct their dysfunctional oxygen metabolism.

In the context of the dysoxygenosis theory of aging, there are two essential points:

1. Within the limits set by genes, the lifespan of an individual is governed by oxygen metabolism.

2. Genes function well only when oxygen metabolism is normal. In matters of health, our legacy to the new millennium is a growing menagerie of mysterious maladies. It includes chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, Gulf War syndrome, chronic Epstein-Barr syndrome, "candidiasis" syndrome, attention disorders, learning disabilities, and others. And, none of those conditions can be fully understood without understanding dysfunctional oxygen metabolism (DOM).

Majid Ali, M.D.:
Professor of Medicine of Capital University of Integrative Medicine
Editor, The Journal of Integrative Medicine
Formerly, Associate Professor of Pathology (adj.),
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, New York
Formerly, President of Staff and Chief Pathologist, Holy Name Hospital, Teaneck, NJ
Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of England
Diplomate, American Board of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
Diplomate, American Boards of Environmental Medicine
Past President Capital University of Integrative Medicine

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Stress Relief and Stress Management


Medical Data on Breathwork and Good Health

There are already scores of medical practitioners who recognize the value of deep breathing and the list is growing. For example, world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Dean Ornish says in his book Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease that deep breathing is the best form of stress management known to man. It has been medically proven that stress has a direct impact on the immune system. When your stress level is up, your immune system is down: when your stress level is down, your immune system is up. We can produce stress relief through deep breathing, which then boosts the immune system. We need to keep our immune system strong so we can fight off sickness. The immune system is our number-one line of defense against the viruses, bacteria and other invaders that make us ill, causing everything from minor colds and flu to some major illnesses. Deep breathing increases the oxygen levels in the blood, which strengthens our immune systems.

Meditation medical benefitDr. Alec Borsenko states, "Oxygen gets rid of toxicity. Bacteria, viruses and parasites are destroyed in the presence of oxygen-especially cancer." Breathing controls the flow of the lymphatic system. We have four times more lymphatic fluid then blood. Lymphatic cells release toxins from the body."

Paul Bragg, author of Super Breathing for Super Energy and also the person who developed the first health food store in this country in the late 1930's says in his book that we are slowly committing suicide in this country because of the way we live and breathe. According to Bragg, shallow breathing starves the body of vital oxygen and causes premature aging. Bragg notes that oxygen-starved people go to bed tired and wake up tired. They suffer from headaches, constipation, indigestion, muscular aches and pains, stiff joints, aching backs, and the list goes on.

Not only do most people breathe shallowly, barely using one-fifth of the lungs' capacity to increase oxygen flow to their bodies, but, on top of everything else, there is much less oxygen in the air to breath. Two hundred years ago, our air was composed of 38 percent oxygen and 1 percent carbon dioxide. Today, because of pollution and other factors, it is 19 percent oxygen and 25 percent carbon dioxide.

Dr. McVea explains the importance of oxygen this way: "More than anything else, good health and well-being is dependent on the maximum production, maintenance and flow of energy, which is produced by oxygen. Oxygen contributes to proper metabolic function, better circulation, assimilation, digestion and elimination. It helps purify the blood, keeping it free from cellular build-up. Sufficient oxygen gives the body a chance to rebuild itself and strengthen its immune system. It is our natural defense against disease.

Medical research shows that over 90 percent of the body's energy is produced by oxygen, and that the more oxygen we have in our system, the more energy we produce. Our ability to think, feel, and act comes from the energy created by oxygen.


Breath of Life Rebirthing and Stress Management

The Breath of Life process delivers vital oxygen to the body, delivering it to the blood, which in turn delivers it to our cells. Breath of Life is one of the greatest catalysts to keeping the immune system peaked. It also has a calming and energizing effect on the nervous system. The Breath of Life is a total package for stress management, relaxation, good health and well being. Oxygenation is the key to living a healthy and balanced life


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