The Breath of Life is a process that enables you to cause emotional resolution, working at the feeling level. It enables you to relieve yourself from the burden of negativity that you have carried with you from suppressing emotions from any part of life.

It is also a process that enables you to cause a creative breakthrough with regards to any situation that you are dealing with in life.


Breath of Life (BOL) is a kinesthetic process, that means it is a feeling level process for eliminating negativity. All of the problems that you have in life come from your own negative contexts that interfere with your ability to have your ideal relationship to the things that are happening in your life. All negative contexts come from insisting that reality should be different from how it is.

You may have noticed by now that reality is not the way it ‘should be’, reality is the way it is. In order to be creative and happy, it is necessary to find a positive relationship to the reality of your experience. BOL is a way to do that without engaging in a lot of mental head trips. You don’t need to have a cognitive understanding of what you are dealing with using the BOL process. You can do it entirely at the feeling level.


BOL is not about the past, it is about the present moment. All that matters about the past is what you are carrying with you now from the past. From past experiences, you do still have some traces of trauma or negativity that are left influencing you from the subconscious level, and influencing your feelings. These can have a profound impact on the way you make your decisions, on your behavior, on your habits, and on your feelings. All that matters is the feelings that you are carrying with you now, and you can get access to those best in the present moment.

So this is not a regressive process to take you back to your birth, or your early childhood, or really to anything. Quite the opposite, this is a process of coming more fully into the present moment than you usually have, and letting yourself feel the present moment more richly and honestly than you usually have been doing.

BOL is really about maximizing your enjoyment of the present moment, it is the advanced skill of doing so.


If you discover that something is limiting your ability to enjoy the present moment, whatever that limit is, it is something you can focus on and have a vivid experience of and find a new way of relating to that so you can expand your ability to enjoy the present moment to include whatever it was that was placing that limit there. That is the essence of how BOL works. What you do is you find what feeling is limiting your ability to enjoy the present moment and you apply the BOL process to that feeling so that you can include that feeling in what contributes to you, and you can expand your ability to enjoy the present moment.  Doing that does more than simply make you happier in the present moment; it does do that, it does expand your ability to be happy. But it also has a profound effect on your mind.

All of the feelings in your body that can limit your enjoyment, come about from insisting that something that you are contemplating, should be different from what it is. Any time you compare the reality of the present moment to an ‘imaginary standard’, you create negativity. You create a withdrawal from the reality of your situation that creates the illusion of limitation, and reduces your creativity and effectiveness, and it creates an unpleasant feeling in your body that limits your ability to enjoy the present moment.

If you change your mind about that, the feeling that you have about will change at the same moment, but more important for understanding how BOL works; if you change your relationship to the feeling itself, that will change how your mind relates to the situation at hand.

That change of relationship to what you are dealing with; or that change of CONTEXT, both resolves the emotion that you are having, and gives you a creative breakthrough. All creative breakthrough comes from shifting from a context in which you are insisting that something should be different from how it is, to a context in which you are focusing on what is there that you can use as a resource and allowing the natural creative process of your mind to find the solution based on what is there.

In every case, the result of BOL is embracing reality in a new and more useful way, and it is done entirely at the feeling level.


So BOL is about maximizing your enjoyment of the present moment. How it is done is through the application of the skills that are known as the Five Elements of BOL.

BOL is really one process, it however can be best taught by describing it as five component skills, called  the five elements.

The Five Elements are: 1) Circular Breathing, 2) Complete relaxation, 3) Awareness in detail. 4) Integration into Unity, and 5) Do whatever you do, willingness is enough.

Every moment feels like something. Another way to put that is in every moment, there is some pattern of energy that is most prominent, so the five elements are;

 #1, You breathe in the way that most enables you to have repoire with that feeling,

#2, You relax in the presence of the feeling, rather than taking action to make it go away.

#3, You tune the feeling in. It is asking for your attention, so you give it your attention.

#4, You find a way to accept the feeling as it is, rather than insisting that something else should be your
present moment experience.

#5, The fifth element is that whatever your response to the feeling, is alright. With your willingness, everything leads to integration anyway. So you don’t have to do the first four elements perfectly.

It is important to realize that the five elements are not steps that you do sequentially, instead you do them all simultaneously, because BOL is just one process.

The five elements when used together, will give you the result  called integration. It is so called because you integrate something into your sense of well being. Everyone has a sense that certain things contribute to their well being. But they also think that there are other things that also detract from their well being. BOL is about focusing on something that you think has been detracting from your well being and by applying the process, you integrate that into your well being so that it is obvious to you that it does contribute to you. Doing that eliminates negativity at its source and makes you happier, more creative, and more effective.

It is important to realize that the five elements are skills; they are not a model of what happens naturally in the BOL process. All of the five elements are skills that you have some degree of mastery over already, just because of your life experiences. At the same time, they are skills that you can keep getting better at forever. 

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